The Emotion Range

Music must do more than stimulate the senses, it should expose the soul.

You know the feeling. You play a track, you hear the first few notes, and then you wait…for the beat to drop, for the chord to strike, for the goosebumps on your arms to rise and the hair on the back of your neck to stand on end. You wait…for your emotions to finally discover their outlet.

The Whatmough Emotion range reproduces sounds so natural, you’ll be transported to a time of your rawest feelings. With the power to spark joy or anger, romance or heartbreak, triumph or relaxation, Whatmough Emotion will have you reliving your past and envisioning your future. Listening is feeling and thanks to Whatmough Emotion, the journey is yours to be experienced.

Our Custom Collections

The Whatmough Story

Australian Owned Whatmough Speakers was established in 1975. Over the last 47 years Whatmough Loudspeakers have won many industry awards and accolades, in the audiophile arena. Our company has also enjoyed an excellent reputation in the Australian audio industry for audio excellence, design, reliability and the no-compromise approach to our products.

Meticulous attention to detail is applied to all of our products to produce speakers of a very high standard, both sonically and aesthetically. The crossover networks of our Signature and Performance speaker range are hard wired. These feature high quality air cored inductors with extremely high-quality film and foil capacitors. In order to maintain a 99.99% reliability rate, we assemble everything in house.

  • “Our objective was to create a speaker that was as close to flawless as possible. It should be able to convey the emotion of the music. This has been a long-term project and we would love to share the results with you”

  • “Whatever your budget or speaker requirements, you will find a Whatmough Loudspeaker to suit, that delivers outstanding performance and exceptional value for money ...” as quoted by numerous reviewers.